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Windsurf-Rental: Sailpool

Included in the rental depending on the booked category

Ben Severne – founder and windsurf innovator:

"It’s an absolute honor to have our sails in the René Egli center.  The setup there is premium; super professional, perfect conditions and great people. For us to give their customers access to our gear is very important - we work extremely hard to create sails, masts and booms that make windsurfing easier and more fun.  And to boost everyone’s experience at the René Egli center will be great for everyone involved.

I’m very much looking forward to working closely with the whole team and spending more time windsurfing there myself."

    Depending on the category booked, all sails are rigged with the following components:

    WORLD CUP line

    High quality components with excellent performance

    • METAL Aluminium Boom
    • Gorilla G2 RDM Mast (1.65 kg at 400 cm)

    All sails are equipped with the high quality Severne Vario harness-lines

    PREMIUM line

    Uncompromising rigidity at the lowest possible weight

    • Enigma 100 % Carbon Boom
    • RDM BLUE Carbon Mast (1.5 kg at 400 cm)
    • The Freek can be used exclusively with a booking for the JP Freestyle PRO or the Starboard Flare as a fixboard
    • The Moto can be used exclusively with a booking for the Starboard Futura Carbon, the Starboard iSonic Carbon or the Severne Fox as a fixboard



    • The upper section of the sail defines the control characteristics of the sail. 
    • Lightest materials in the main body for easy handling
    • Bordered by a heavier leech material for durability


    • The mid section generates the sail’s power and dictates how easy the sail is to see through
    • The Dacron luff panel is softer and has increased stretch characteristics. This creates a more forward pulling profile as the sail inflates.


    • Heavy duty materials are kept lower in the sail, the area traditionally prone to damage with knees and harness hooks.
    • Twisted fibres and stronger yarns are combined with thicker films for maximum durability.  This extra weight is kept low in the sail so it does not affect the swing weight and lightweight feel of your sail.


    • The ultimate all-rounder benchmark wavesail
    • Perfect blend of power and control
    • Maximum strength with minimum weight
    3.0 |3.3 |3.5 | 3.7 | 4.0 | 4.2 | 4.5 | 4.7 | 5.0 | 5.3  


    Range of use: WAVE


    • The Freeride sail to maximize your stoke
    • Early planning, longer control
    • Consistently soft, springy feel and maximized stability
    5.5 | 5.7 | 6.0 | 6.5 | 7.0 | 7.5


    Range of use: FREERIDE


    • Maneuver oriented wave sail with hugewind range
    • Light, flexible and responsive
    • Engineered for performance




    4.0 | 4.4 | 4.8


    Range of use: FREEWAVE


    • Engineered for no-cam freerace performance 
    • 3 main aspects: Speed. Power. Stability
    • Incredible control and impeccable handling




    5.4 | 5.8 | 6.3 | 6.7 | 7.2

    Range of use: NO CAM RACE


    • Decicated freestyle performance
    • Maximum lift, stability and easy ducking
    • Increases power and enables explosive pop
    • Can be used exclusively with a booking of a PREMIUM freestyle fixboard (Starboard Ignite or JP Freestyle PRO)



    4.0 | 4.4 | 4.8 


    Range of use: FREESTYLE


    • Brand New Fast and aerodynamic two-cam sail
    • Optimal for power and drive through gusts
    • Can be used exclusively with a booking of a PREMIUM racing fixboard (Starboard Futura Carbon or Severne FOX)




    6.8 | 7.2

    Range of use: FREERIDE/RACE

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