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Severne "Psycho" Launch @ René Egli Fuerteventura

A special day dedicated to windsurf freestyle

Thanks to the amazing Severne Team we were celebrating Freestyle Windsurfing on the beach and in the unique Ginger Bar of the INNSiDE by Meliá Fuerteventura with the official product launch of the new Freestyle Board "Psycho"

The action packed day started with an  "Freestyle Expression Session Show" where the Team Riders Dieter van der Eyken B-35, Felix Volkhardt G-131Philip Köster G-44, Takumi Moriya J-171 and Liam Dunkerbeck E-11 impressed the crowds with their talent really close to the shore, supported on the mic and on the water by our team member Mitch.  

All riders delivered a high level of performance on the new "Psycho", including several double rotation moves and even one-handed goiters.
The professional Judge Team - composed of windsurfing legend Björn Dunkerbeck and Iballa Moreno - directly gave points to each performed move: resulting that Philip Köster won the show with a huge double forward in front of the excited spectators.

The atmosphere on the beach was fully enthusiastic and so did it continue in the evening, when the official procduct presentation took place in the INNSiDE by Meliá Fuerteventura with free beers sponsored by Severne. The decoration of the Ginger Bar went perfectly in line with the layouts of the new "Psycho" board and provided to be once more the perfect set up for an athmospheric evening full of windsurf passion with the unique possibility to interact directly with the Severne Team and Team Riders.  

On the days after the official product launch our guests even had the chance to test the new  "Psycho" board provided by Dieter van der Eyken at our windsurf-center. 


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